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St. Thomas is located at 18W longitude 65N latitude.

We are 60 miles to the East of the larger island of Puerto Rico.

We are 1,200+ miles from Miami.

The last major storm to hit the VI was Hurricane Marilyn in 1995, which caused substantial damage. I spent 3 months without electricity (no work, no television, no ice, no fluffy towels)! Marilyn has been my biggest teacher: Be happy with the simple pleasures in life, because what Mother Nature provides, she also has the power to take away.





Main Weather Links


National Weather Service – Local Doppler Radar

National Weather Service – 7 Day Local Forecast and Discussion (from the main page, click on Forecast Discussion in the lower right)

Wunderground St. Thomas Radar & Weather Conditions

AccuWeather Doppler – A wider view of our Local Doppler Radar

GOES Atlantic Satellite – A bit more detailed infrared picture

GOES Puerto Rico Imagery – Information overload!

Crown Weather – “Your one stop weather information source”

Bay News 9 – Excellent Tropical Weather page from Bay News Tampa.  All the satellites one needs to check in on the tropics!

Wind Guru and WindAlert – Going sailing anyone?  Wind Guru is better for forecasting, while WindAlert is real time weather stations (particularly for Buck Island).  Click on a flag for detailed historical results.


In the Event of Tropical Cyclone Threats – Best overview for tropical system formation and tracking

National Hurricane Center – Official Forecast and Warnings

Detailed Tracking & Intensity Models – National Center for Atmospheric Research

Saharan Air Layer – Visible Image of Hurricane Alley with 5 Day Loop Option

Tropical Atlantic Recon Decoder Missions – For all you other weather geeks out there !!

Latitude/Longitude Distance Calculator – How far away is this storm from me? (18°22’23.1″N 64°55’27.1″W)


The Best of the Blogosphere


Storm Walsh  – My personal favorite, as he doesn’t mind going out on a limb to speak his gut instinct filtered through a wealth of experience.  Storm was previously a featured blogger on WunderGround, until I think bureaucracy and policy got in the way.  He is also available via Facebook, if you need a blow-by-blow.

Dr. Jeff Masters – This is the founder of WunderGround. His posts generally mirror that of the NHC, but in a language us wanna-bees can comprehend.  You can always count on a daily post.

Super Dave McDermott via Storm Carib – Our local Virgin Islands guru.  Never afraid to speak his mind, especially to remind us to stay vigilant!

US Virgin Islands Tropical Hurricane Weather Station – Local Facebook page moderated by an avid amateur meteorologist, specifically a Severe Storm and Hurricane Hunter.

Tropical Tidbits – A recent addition to my list.  A favorite commentator on Storm W’s blog, and has now blossomed into his own forecasting powerhouse.

Inside the Eye – National Hurricane Center’s new 2014 Weather Blog


Preparedness !


If you do not have at least a 3 day supply (and I’d say 30 days!) of food and water on hand at all times, and an emergency kit and plan in place for your family, I strongly encourage you to take a look at some of these links ….. – Jack Spirko is an expert at preparedness.  His motto is “Helping you live a better life, if times get tough, or even if they don’t”.   It’s not just weather we need to concern ourselves with! – Great information and resources on starting a basic survival kit.

VITEMA – Virgin Islands Emergency Management Agency, our local FEMA

USGS Real-Time Earthquake Map – To confirm when “I feel the earth move under my feet, the sky comes tumbling down”

Earthquake Recovery Resource Guide 

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