The Wheel of Wellness Program


hep-well-realm-pieUsing a Program developed by the University of Caifornia Davis, I will work with you over the next 14 – 52 weeks to vastly improve the quality of your life.

Using carefully selected reading materials and exercises, we will begin honest exploration of your current state of affairs,  and identifying areas for change or improvement.  At the end of the first phase, you will have developed the practice of providing compassionate care for yourself.  With further work, we will begin to conceptualize and lay the groundwork for the richer life that you have identified and are envisioning.  And finally, we will begin the process of implementing this new lifestyle.



Change does take time, but I am committed to working with you through every step of the way (or through every piece of the pie!).


Phase 1 – Identify

Occupational Wellness

Defined as enjoying your occupational endeavors and appreciating your contributions.

If you love your job, fantastic!  We can still work on improving your contribution and/or clarifying a deeper purpose for your career.

If you hate your job, we’ll begin working with some prosperity tools to identify your ideal profession, maybe even a small business venture, and design a visual business plan to keep you motivated and focused.

Emotional Wellness

Defined as understanding your feelings and coping effectively with stress.

One of the most important aspects of the Wellness Program, you will undergo a 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse to let go of toxic thinking, grudges from the past, and destructive habits and patterns to make room for the soul to connect with it’s deepest purpose.

We’ll then put in place some small daily rituals to maintain our new way of being.

Spiritual Wellness

Defined as developing a set of values that help you seek meaning and purpose.

No matter your religion, or even if you are atheist or agnostic, we will work within the realms of your current belief system to gain a greater connection with Universal Truth and work to develop greater compassion and connectedness to self and all of  humankind.  The physical practice of yoga asanas will be our main tool for exploration here.  We will also work on the intellectual end to understand what your current values are, what is serving you, and what could use redirection and change.

Environmental Wellness

Defined as respecting the delicate balance between the environment and ourselves.

We will work to gain a better understanding of how your current lifestyle and food choices are in conflict with the environment, and we will use the yogic virtue of Aparigraha to begin simplifying life.  We will explore how a plant based diet creates both emotional and environmental wellbeing, and why the United Nations has stated that a plant based diet is critical to the very survival of humans on this planet.

Physical Wellness

Defined as maintaining a healthy body and seeking medical care when needed.

With the approval of your doctor, and paying special attention to any particular conditions from which you suffer, you will begin exploring a plant based diet.  With over 25 years of experience in plant based cooking, I will assist you in making this transition.  We will create weekly meal plans together using some very popular cookbooks, as well as my own cookbooks and blogs, we will grocery shop together, and if needed, I will even teach you how to cook!  We will also begin to explore Ayuveda, the foundation of holistic complimentary and alternative eastern medicinal practice.  We will discover your ” dosha” and how this relates to your orientation towards your food and lifestyle choices, and what you can do to keep your dosha in better balance.

We will also begin learning the benefits of yoga.  Unlike other forms of “exercise”, yoga does not focus on individual parts of the anatomy.  Yoga focuses on the body as a whole.  I am certified as a 200 hour teacher, with my highest priority being to teach proper form and alignment.  I like to say that I teach yoga for people, not pretzels.  No matter your level or physical capabilities, we will design a yoga program that can work for you.  Flexibility will come with time, but it the daily practice that is paramount.  Here we learn to respect and communicate with our bodies, learn self-discipline, and begin to connect with greater inner-peace.

Social Wellbeing

Defined as performing social roles effectively and comfortably, and creating a support network.

I like to think of this as “finding your tribe”.  We will work with a number of classics to explore how your current relationships are serving you, your role in these relationships, and develop tools to make your relationships work better for you.  We’ll also explore other outlets and hobbies, so you can begin to connect with people of like minds.


Intellectual Wellness

Defined as having an open mind when you encounter new ideas and continuing to expand your knowledge.

I’m assuming that your desire for Intellectual Wellness  is why you are still reading this page!   Through the practice of Mindfulness and Meditation, we will begin to explore the mind.  As Buddha said “Mind is everything:  What we think, we become”.   My self development journey began by reading the Personal Development for Smart People website, blog and book by Steve Pavlina.  We will delve into a number of concepts that Steve discusses.  Even if you never contact me, I hope that you will begin your own exploration through Steve’s wisdom and insights.  Another fantastic blog for keeping the mind focused on positive thoughts is ZenHabits by Leo Babuata.



Ok, I’m interested.  What’s next?  What’s my role?

Personal Development and exploration is not a commitment to be taken lightly.  I am happy to provide an initial free consultation to see if we make a good match.  But before contacting me, please be sure that you are able to commit to the following:

  • A minimum of 14 weeks, dedicated to reading and exploring the concepts discussed above.  We will meet a number of times during the week, in person and via phone, but likely we will need to meet more often in the beginning.
  • Be prepared to read at least one 300 page book a week during this time period.
  • Establishing a home-based yoga and meditation practice, practicing for a minimum of 30 minutes a day (there are 1,440 minutes in a day, so this shouldn’t be hard).  By the end, you should work up to an hour a day.  You will also be required to attend two public classes each month.
  • Be willing to switch to a plant based diet.  At a minimum, you must be committed to a vegetarian diet, with consideration given to going completely vegan.
  • Keeping a daily journal



If the Wheel of Wellness Program sounds appealing to you, then I invite you to contact me to take this to the next level. If you are investigating coaching to see if it could really make an impact on your life, and are seriously considering hiring a coach, then you’re in the right place and NOW IS THE TIME! No more waiting! NO MORE EXCUSES! I am here to coach and support you thru the process to create the change and the life that you have long desired! You really have nothing to lose (except the old self you are about to shed)!

Click here to Apply for a complimentary consultation.

With Warm Regards,

A friend, helping other people shine and live the life of their dreams








“Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”  ~ Mahatma Ghandi

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